12 Unique Coffee Rituals From Around The World

In some cultures, coffee is a way to slow down. In others, it’s a powerful means to catch up with friends and family. In some, coffee serves as a quick caffeine shot to kick-start the day. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it dark, some like it light, some like it spicy, some like it creamy; a drink as simple as coffee is complex when it comes to the versions and ways to prepare and consume it.

All About Pierogi, Family and Tradition; Plus 12 Best Places For Pierogi In the U.S.

In Slovakia, they are known as pirohy. In Ukraine, they’re called varenyky. But to Poland, and most of the rest of the world, they’re pierogi. The humble boiled dumplings are one of Poland’s most beloved dishes, as well as its culinary symbol across the world. Homesick Poles can find satisfying pierogi everywhere from Pittsburgh to New York City to Shanghai and London.

25 Regional Hot Dog Styles across the USA

The hot dog is the most American of foods. Inspired by sausages from German immigrants, improved by entrepreneurial newcomers to America’s shores, and beloved for more than a century by every social class, the hot dog represents America in ways no other food can.

The History Of Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne (Spanish for “chili with meat”) is a classic dish enjoyed all over the world. Once considered a very exotic meal by Americans, it is now right at home within our cuisine, often credited as the dish that gave rise to Tex-Mex cuisine. It consequently enjoys special status as the official state dish of Texas (not barbecue, as many think).