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Everyone says they love food, but do you know food? That is what we are all about here, knowing, loving and living food. We all love to cook, to find that secret place to eat and enjoy wonderful libations with people we love. Jump on in and enjoy our take on classic dishes and the next must have kitchen gadget…

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From foraging for your favorite foods to hunting down the best ice cream scoop, we have the info you will be looking for!


The History of Macaroni and Cheese

Have you ever wondered where in the world Mac and Cheese came from? We did and wanted to find out. Making good food is all about the right combination of flavors. Some combinations work really well, other ones….well….they simply don’t.

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How to Make Classic Chocolate Mousse

And so we must give proper credit to the dessert that is so extraordinary. I am here to redeem its reputation so it might once again enter the pantheon of food greats. This is a recipe for decadent, classic, old-school chocolate mousse. And I think it is fantastic.

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The History of Chicken and Waffles

The origin of chicken and waffles is a long and winding road with as many crossroads as the waffle itself. But here’s what everyone who has tried chicken and waffles knows. First, the combination is delicious. Second, it is impossible to eat chicken and waffles without a smile on your face.

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The Real History Of Mashed Potatoes

Here is little history, because food always tastes better when you know something about it. We wanted to separate fact from fiction and take a serious look at one of our favorite foods, mashed potatoes! So, today, we are exploring the real history of mashed potatoes.

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