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Everyone says they love food, but do you know food? That is what we are all about here, knowing, loving and living food. We all love to cook, to find that secret place to eat and enjoy wonderful libations with people we love. Jump on in and enjoy our take on classic dishes and the next must have kitchen gadget…


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From foraging for your favorite foods to hunting down the best ice cream scoop, we have the info you will be looking for!

The Health Benefits of Eating Crab

Eating crab boosts your health in several ways. It’s not only low in fat and calories but packed with protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Adding crab to your…

27 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home and Why it Matters

Did you know an estimated 30-40% of the food supply in the U.S. becomes food waste according to the USDA? Although food waste is a worldwide issue, the U.S. discards more food than any other country in the world, 40 million tons (80 billion pounds) to be exact. Wasted food is the largest category of material in municipal landfills and represents a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, thus having a substantial impact on global climate change. The World Wildlife Foundation found that without food waste about 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the global food system would be eliminated.

12 Unique Coffee Rituals From Around The World

In some cultures, coffee is a way to slow down. In others, it’s a powerful means to catch up with friends and family. In some, coffee serves as a quick caffeine shot to kick-start the day. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it dark, some like it light, some like it spicy, some like it creamy; a drink as simple as coffee is complex when it comes to the versions and ways to prepare and consume it.

All About Pierogi, Family and Tradition; Plus 12 Best Places For Pierogi In the U.S.

In Slovakia, they are known as pirohy. In Ukraine, they’re called varenyky. But to Poland, and most of the rest of the world, they’re pierogi. The humble boiled dumplings are one of Poland’s most beloved dishes, as well as its culinary symbol across the world. Homesick Poles can find satisfying pierogi everywhere from Pittsburgh to New York City to Shanghai and London.

29 Lobster Facts That Will Leave You Amazed

Healthy, versatile, and delicious, lobster is truly one of nature’s best gifts with the uncanny ability to turn any meal into an extra special occasion. Chances are you already know how deliciously decadent a fresh steamed lobster with melted butter can be. It’s no wonder that lobster is such a popular dish across America and the world. You may have mastered the way to crack open a lobster claw but how much do you really know about this tasty treat?

27 Things You Should Never Put In Your Curbside Recycling Bin

It may be tempting when you aren’t sure whether something is recyclable, to just put it in the recycling bin anyways, in a hope (or even an assumption) that “they’ll find a way to recycle it.” This is called “wishcycling.” In order to keep our recycling system healthy, it’s just as important to leave stuff out of the recycling bin as it is important to put the good recyclable stuff in the bin.

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Everyone says they love food, but do you know food? That is what we are all about here, knowing, loving and living food. Learn More About Us Here

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